How They Do It– ‘To repair Gaza, we must first do some harm’

The Ugly Truth

ed note–buckle your seat belts ladies and Gentile-men and grab your barf bags, because we are about to embark on yet another terrifying ride through the Judaic mindset, where reality is not what it seems and insanity is the fuel that propels all backwards and violent Judaic action.

Ok, first the title–


Most will simply skip over this, assuming (incorrectly) that ‘repair’ is a general term, used by everyone, and with basically egalitarian principles at work.


Jews have their own word for ‘repair’ which our Hebraic author shrewdly chooses not utilize and for reasons rooted in furthering the Judaic/Zionist agenda. That word is ‘tikkun’, which has its own special meaning and connotation, which is–you guessed it–specifically discriminating towards Judaic interests.

What it means is to ‘repair’ the world back to that time period prior to 70 AD vis a vis the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, which…

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DARPA Historical Spending & FY19 Budget Outlook

Lisa's leaks - 'Madness in the Magnolias'

Lets dive into the glittery and shiny agency that should have all of our attention — the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).


Whether it’s developing the world’s largest autonomous “Sea Hunter” ship for the U.S. Navy, or their “Luke Skywalker” advanced prosthetic arm that currently gets within nine (9) degrees of freedom in the hand, DARPA truly is a world of pure imagination.

Created in February of 1985 (Happy Anniversary!) by President Dwight D. Eisenhower as a response to the Cold War via DoD Instruction 5015.02, DARPA serves as one of the main dreamers within the Defense factory whose mission is to ensure that the United States avoids technological surprise.

By charter, DARPA has autonomy in selecting and running projects, which allows a range of organizational independence to move fast and take bold risks. By collaborating with academia, industry, and Government partners, DARPA has…

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UK – Tommy Robinson, Organized Jewry, Hero Worship And Tommytards

The Ugly Truth

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THE UNZ REVIEW – From the very beginning, Robinson has had a dubious relationship with organised Jewry in Britain (…) The English Defence League, after all, was formed in the image of the Jewish Defence League. From the very beginning, it also promoted multi-racialism and attacked genuine nationalists in Britain who had been exposing the same as “racists”. The EDL under Robinson had various groups within it, including a Jewish section and an LGBT one. In other words, the EDL promoted the same agenda as the government (…) 

But onto the present case in hand, Tommy Robinson’s jailing, supposedly for speaking freely. Julie Lake’s article published here got it absolutely spot on: it was his own fault. I will go further: he went there with the express purpose of being arrested and imprisoned so that he could become “a martyr to the cause.” (…)

I expect leading politicians in Israel to criticise…

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An Israeli police man strangles a Palestinian Child to death on Saturday during the protest of US embassy move to the Jerusalem. The innocent boy even read Kalima e shahadat before dying. Despite many attempts by groups to upload this video to the Youtube, its been consistently removed and deleted from google, Facebook and youtube. pls make this video viral so that it reaches all the media.

(Click, ‘Watch on FaceBook)

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