Armed illegal settlers are the problem


Taught to kill and hate at an early age

Israel’s newest tourist attraction

Visitors can sign up for a variety of courses, including a two-hour “Shooting Adventure” where they learn to fire assault rifles and sniper rifles .

Teaching to kill has become a profitable business in Israel


Those who dare resist are deemed the criminals ….

Ahed Tamimi whose only crime is standing up to an illegal Israeli occupation of her land. Her only weapons her mouth and her hands.

The real criminals have been getting away with murder for over 2000 years

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Billy Graham – Child Abuse

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This story is from Darci

Today Billy Graham’s death is all over the news here in the US. It is literally making me so angry seeing him held up as some kind of God.

                                                                      Billy Graham

We lived in the same town as his choir director, Cliff Barrows. By the time I was a teenager, my father had more money and we had built a home on the side of a mountain in SC [South Carolina], within walking distance of Mr. Barrows. It was also within an hour of Billy Grahams North Carolina home.

However, as a young child, as far as I know my parents had no personal connection with Graham other than the fact that my father sang well, and both of them sang in the choir at several of his crusades, as did many Southern Baptists.

My memory involves being taken to a back room in…

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