Military pressure needed to oust Assad, Kerry says in Riyadh

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Stay out of Syria SignProud Syrian Girl with FlagSyrian Precious Girls:Flag:Mom behind:Times Square
Editor’s Note (L): These are photos that I took at a Times Square Protest “Stay Out of Syria” in September 2013 when Obama had threatened Syria with military force. It was a great day to meet different people and all be on the same page. The Syrian People are wonderful! I truly thank them for their warm embrace and smiling for the camera. The two sisters caught my heart immediately, and were so happy to pose and display their pride.

“Stay Out of Syria”

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Almost All Zionist Organizations in Australia are Located on One Street

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Michael Slay
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2015

Jew Detected

You can’t hide from us, Jews.

There is one particular street in Australia which serves as a host to multiple parasitic Jewish organizations sucking the life-blood out of the country like leeches.  Like a den of cockroaches, this street is the home of countless numbers of filthy parasites who work together to putrefy their host nation of Australia with “diversity” and cultural Marxism while keeping their real home – Israel – racially pure.

Located at 306 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield South (the only place in Melbourne without Google streetview) are:

Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI)

Jewish Community Council of Victoria

Jewish Community Library

Zionist Federation of Australia

Anti Defamation Commission of Bnai Brith

Beth Weizmann Community Centre

Australian Jewish Democratic Society

Australian Friends of Hebrew University

The Australasian Union of Jewish Students

Magen David Adom

United Israel Appeal

Australia-Israel Medical Research

Women’s International Zionist Organisation


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