The ‘Jewish problem’ explained and understood in a slow motion science experiment

The Ugly Truth

ed note–not a perfect metaphor, but one which pretty much sums up the entire ‘Jewish problem’ and why it is that certain western leaders have been and remain to this day reluctant to just ‘do the right thing’ with regards to Palestine and the disaster that has been wrought upon these people for the last century.

First, a little ‘re-adjustment’ of a few historical facts that is in order here–

As much as the entire tragedy of creating the Jewish state is laid at the feet of individuals such as Herzl, Balfour and those western leaders who were ‘on the take’–much/most of which is true–there is another side to this story which people who immerse themselves in the study of this subject tend to forget, which is that the Europeans wanted the Jews gone, and not just for a few years, but going back 1900 years when their Roman ancestors…

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