Jewnited Kikedom: Jewess “Child Protector” Fired for Failing to Stop Paki-Pedo Gang-Rape is Rehired the Next Day #FilthyKikeBitch

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Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2015

Sue Berlowitz:
Sue Berelowitz: “I’m sorry about the thousands of raped kiddies goyim, but give me these shekels now you anti-Semitic racists.”

Rotherham and the subsequent child-rape scandals have made me lose almost all hope in the idea we are going to turn our countries around before an open race war breaks out.

This Jewish “child protection chief” Sue Berelowitz who actively advocated for child rape, failing to even mention it while she knew it was happening, being fired and rehired the next day – after receiving a massive severence package, which she is keeping – is par for the course.

And still, no one is out in the street. Because they wouldn’t want to be called racists, now would they? Especially protesting this Jew bitch – they could also be called anti-Semites!

Saving little pre-pubescent girls from being trafficked and raped just isn’t worth…

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Israel Seeks International Law Rewrite

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1945: Dachau Massacre

American GI’s murder surrendered, unarmed German POW Dachau camp guards.

ed note (Tony)…While I do NOT agree with a few portions of this article, the fact of the matter is, is that the Jews are on ‘full-steam-ahead’ mode in regards to overt Judaism being represented with the newest installment of Netanyahu’s bronze age, knuckle-dragging “government”.

It is not enough that they get away with murdering countless civilians in Gaza (Good Jews carrying out their ‘religion’), but they also want to white-wash any and everything in the court of public opinion!

Remember, the Torah is a declaration of war on the rest of humanity.

“War crimes don’t exist if our god Yaveh(sp) commands it.”

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Family Guy: Stewie Makes Holocaust Denial Joke

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Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2015

Here we have what is apparently a Holocaust denial joke on an old episode of the cartoon “Family Guy.”

The clip is from the 2007 episode “Road to Rupert.” Stewie and Brian are going on a trip to Colorado to get back Stewie’s lost Teddy Bear, and Brian doesn’t want to go.

Brian: Look, I’m not going to Colorado. I’m turning around and going home.

Stewie: Fine, then, I’ll go by myself. See you from the back of my milk carton. Want that on your conscience, Brian? Try explaining this to Lois. You’ll wind up in a dumpster with a bunch of slow, unadoptable greyhounds.

Brian: Don’t joke about that! That’s like the Holocaust to us!

Stewie: Yeah, well, when greyhounds start running The New York Times and the World Bank, I’ll be more inclined to believe you. [he…

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