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Ed-note (Sabba) –  This article asks whether money sealed israeli-saudi alliance. No, it did not. What sealed their alliance is far deeper and weighs much heavier than some billions of US Dollars.

Sheikh Imran Hosein rightly points out that these 2 states are sisters. It is the same power which acted as a midwife at their birth (Britain), it is the same power which is nurturing them, protecting them, defending them (the USA ).

The similarities between wahhabism and orthodox judaism are so striking that it is impossible not to see thru this ‘Mask of Zion': wahhabism is nothing more than judaism with an islamic mask.

Wahhabis impose on their women what is called ‘niqab’ or the full veil: the only other people who impose on their women a full ‘niqab’ are some orthodox jews.

Wahhabis forbid their women to drive – like some of their brethren within the…

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US Congress bill could protect Israel from boycotts

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real americans defend isr

Source: Ynet

Proposed legislation seeks to impose counter-measures on countries, organizations, companies or individuals who boycott Israel.

The US Congress is preparing a counter offensive to the tsunami of boycotts against Israel, with legislators pushing  bill giving Israel a unique economic status and protection from sanctions. The proposed legislation constitutes a threat of an American counter-boycott against countries, UN organizations and private companies who boycott Israeli products, political or cultural institutions, or scholars.

The bill proposal is led by Republican House representative Peter Roskam from Illinois and has garnered wide support from both Republicans and Democrats in the House. Israel is the first country in the world to sign a free trade agreement with the United States and the two countries are in talks to strengthen free trade and the unique financial ties. The European Union is currently working on formulating a similar agreement with the US.

Such legislation in Congress could dissuade…

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