Secrets Of Jewish Control Revealed

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This should be my last personal narrative for the week of Friday; when I began my work on the Jewish problem back in 2007, I began as a converted Jew into the Karaite Judaism sect of the religion.  I was a converted Jew and believed only in the Tanakh and the Torah only.  I give thanks to the gods of my ancestors that I was able to leave that gutter religion behind for good and focused my attention to exposing the lie of the Jews and the masons around us.  Yet, before I left, I was able to pick up on somethings as it relates to the Jewish problem and how Jews seem to always have a thirst for power and how they have managed to accumulate so much of it the past 500 years.

The first thing that I noticed when I went into the home of a Jew…

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Mainstream media corporations opening labs to study how TV programming can manipulate human thinking

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(NaturalNews) America’s legacy media companies – which have been hemorrhaging viewers and readers for years, not to mention revenue – have decided that, since they can’t compete with the new alternative media with a superior product or win the ideological debates, they will resort to brainwashing the public into loyal compliance.

As reported by Reuters, TV networks are employing technology that essentially reads viewers’ minds, in order to understand what programs and commercials they like to watch.

As Reuters further noted:

Comcast Corp’s NBCUniversal and Viacom Inc are each opening labs where they will study TV viewers in mock living rooms filled with infrared cameras tracking their biometrics – such things as eye movements and facial reactions made while hooked up to skin sensors and heart monitors.

Viacom’s lab, which is being built in New York, will include electroencephalograms (EEGs) to monitor peoples’ brain waves while watching television. And…

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Hitler and the Jews (must watch)

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November 27, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

In this hilarious Israeli TV comic episode (The Jews Are Coming) ,  young Adolf Hitler meets three Jewish art masters at the Vienna’s Art Academy’s entry exams.  The young Austrian artist is mocked and abused.

Seemingly,  the Israeli comedy  ascribes Hitler’s Jew-hatred  to the Jewish master (Weiss) who humiliates the young artist.  The Jew master then send Hitler home to make hatred into a form of art.

This comic episode may suggest that within the Israeli universe, Hitler and Jew hatred should be considered a Jewish product…

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