Trump administration is considering pulling back $3 billion in foreign aid

The Ugly Truth

ed note–3 billion dollars in foreign aid…3 billion dollars…3 billion dollars…

Now, there is something SO familiar about that number…3 billion dollars…3 billion dollars…Where have we heard it before…?

WHY, YES, it is the EXACT figure that is constantly tossed around concerning the amount which Israel receives on an annual basis from the US.


‘Why, oh why,’ the curious watcher of political events wonders, that out of all the numbers Trump and Pompeo the Great could have chosen, did they settle on this particular number–3 BILLION DOLLARS? It could have been 2 billion, or 1 billion, or whatever number, but they settled on 3 BILLION…

Well, it just so happens that Trump is about to unveil his ‘peace’ plan that sure as s*** Israel is going to reject in toto for the simple reason that–

1. It confines Israel to her present boundaries when in fact she…

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Meet Landon Riddle

The Story Behind The Story

Life is precious.  Life is actually priceless.  A young child’s life is even more so than a mature adult’s in the eyes of modern societal norms.  That’s why children are often given seats in lifeboats over adults – like in the case of sinking Titanic.

This fact is brought home quickly when an innocent two-year-old toddler gets violently sick, goes to a “practicing” MD and is given a diagnosis of Acute Lymphoma Leukemia (A.L.L.) and then given literally days to live.

2 yr. old Landon Riddle and his mother Sierra were given this sad and sobering bad news back in 2012.  The medical “professionals” immediately began administering aggressive chemotherapy drugs – but they only seemed to make Landon sicker and weaker by the hour.  Finally, the medical professionals informed Sierra that Landon would likely soon be dead — that he had “only about an 8-10% chance of living another 48…

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Members of the Judaic Tentacle Antifa– ‘I would murder Trump, for the people…Do him like Ghaddafi’

The Ugly Truth

ed note–it goes (or at least should) without needing elaborate explanation, but for the benefit of the less mathematically-inclined out there, we’ll explain anyway.

Antifa is as much a tentacle of Judea, Inc’s ops as were the Bolsheviks of 1917, as well as all their offshoots going by a myriad of different names today.

Furthermore, no one considering him/herself a ‘truther’ should forget just who is constantly screeching about Hitler and fascism, and here’s a clue–it ain’t DEM MOOZLIMS or the Cat-licks.

Furthermore, all can rest assured with 666% certainty that were Trump truly in Israel’s pockets as so many claim with dogmatic certainty that the various moles from Mossad who DOUBTLESS occupy key positions within Antifa would make sure–either by word of mouth or by the barrel of a gun–that the message gets delivered to the various members making up this group to cease and desist in their activities against…

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Israeli air forces pounded the Gaza Strip overnight, targeting over 100 sites in the besieged coastal enclave. The Israeli army said in a statement that forces struck 150 “terror targets.”

Images by Carlos Latuff



What isn’t reported in the Western press ….

Israeli air forces pummel Gaza, killing pregnant Palestinian woman and her 18-month-old daughter 

Three Palestinians were killed during pre dawn Israeli airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip Thursday. Among the dead were a woman, who was nine months pregnant, and her 18-month-old daughter.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza identified the pregnant woman as 23-year-old Inas Khamash, and her 18-month-old daughter as Bayan Khamash.

The two were killed when an Israeli airstrike hit their home in the Jaafari area of central Gaza. Khamash’s husband, Muhammad, was severely injured during the strike.

While some local media outlets were reporting that Muhammad succumbed to his…

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