In End of Days, Everyone Will Speak Hebrew

The Ugly Truth

ed note–a nice, steaming cup of reality coffee to sip on for those lingering doubters concerning the aims and claims of Judaism and whether or not it is merely a tangential matter involving a small group of people craving a small slice of land along the eastern shores of the Mediterranean rather than a group of Messianic nutcases out for world domination and control.

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New Jersey State officials Met With Lakewood Jewish Group Before Offering Medicaid Fraud Amnesty

The Ugly Truth

ed note–Now remember, despite the fact that this is prima efface evidence that indeed Jews as a group demand and get preferential treatment and PARTICULARLY when they run afoul of Gentile legal strictures, the very notion that such preferntial treatment exists is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory and a ‘canard’. Please note the section highlighted in red where others from the black and hispanic communities only learn of the amnesty program AFTER it has become a fait accompli.

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