Report: Joint Mossad-CIA operation killed key Hezbollah leader Mughniyeh in 2008

The Ugly Truth

mossad-ciaWashington Post report says senior Iranian general could also have been killed in joint operation but, the operatives did not have “legal authority to kill him.”

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Photo by Eran Wolkowski Photo by Eran Wolkowski


How much could a washed up old war criminal be worth?

Bottles-for-cash corruption scandal embroils Netanyahufamily
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday dismissed as “false” reports that his wife Sara had pocketed at least $1,000 worth of public money by returning empty bottles to supermarkets.The reports, which were cause for ridicule in local media, come as the head of the rightwing Likud party prepares to seek re-election in a snap March vote.

In a long Facebook post, Netanyahu hit out at “false accusations against me and my wife that seek to topple the Likud and bring the left to power.”

“All of this aims to detract attention from what is really important — who will lead the country,” he wrote.

Earlier this week, reports emerged that Sara Netanyahu had during her husband’s second term as prime minister (2009-2013) collected a vast amount of…

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The Ugly Truth


OP-ED (Sabba): Here is an excellent article by Mike King (and Sugar, the Cat), from the Anti-New York Times. The one thing I would like to add to it is that the Chosenites’ obsession with Lebanon isn’t just about getting the waters of the Litani river. This obsession has far deeper roots and is embedded in their genetic code transmitted to them via the old testament:

“Foreigners will rebuild your walls and their kings (i.e presidents, PMs etc.) will serve you (…) The nations that will not serve you will perish (…) THE GLORY OF LEBANON WILL COME TO YOU… Isaiah 60:10-13


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A kosher Super Bowl halftime show

The Ugly Truth


Orthodox radio host Nachum Segal will live stream family-friendly band as alternative to football game’s iconic sexually-charged gigs

ed note–definitely one of the ‘Chutzpah’ award winners this one.

The Super Bowl and all the media fanfare that comes with it, including (especially) those portions that are not ‘family friendly’ are the result of the direct, incontestable and unchallenged control that organized Jewish interests have over the media.

And now, we are told, the same Jews who are responsible for peddling this corruption are going to ‘save’ us from it, as if they weren’t the source of it to begin with?

Beam me up Scotty.

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Nisman was ‘wary of own bodyguards’ before death, assistant says

The Ugly Truth


Man who gave Argentine prosecutor gun said he feared for the safety of his daughters; will be buried Thursday at a Jewish cemetery

ed note–Nisman was an Israeli asset, without question, and his job was to paint a somewhat believable picture framing Iran for the 1994 AMIA bombing perpetrated by Israel. Doubtless, given the stakes involved, he, all his actions, movements, discussions and private maneuvers were being monitored by dozens of different intelligence agencies, including those of Argentina, Iran, Russia, Venezuela and every other political entity that has a stake in the AMIA drama.

Therefore, when he quite hastily announced that he was bringing charges against Kirchner, doubtless he was confronted by the Argentine government along with all the documented evidence of his treason in colluding with a foreign, hostile power to falsely pin the bombing on Iran. At this point, he contacted his handlers in Mossad, told them of the latest…

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