Grace and Me: A Forbidden Tale of War


45 years ago, Larry Shook was a soldier in the Vietnam War. In the Fall of 2012, Larry was hit with the worst PTSD episode of his life. In an effort to help every soldier (past and present) and their families, Larry delivered a very personal sermon about his experience.


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The Other (Worse) Side of the PRISM Scandal


By Paul Rosenberg,

The fallout from the PRISM scandal has reached Stage Two, where faces in front of television cameras promote memorable slogans to give people reasons to accept their abuse and to pretend that everything is okay. And, overall, these slogans and their promoters break down into to two primary models – predators and battered women.

Let’s start with the predators.

These abusers – who are building the largest blackmail archive in all of human history – keep coming back with the same old hateful slogan:

If you don’t do anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.

Understand this clearly: these are the words of a predator speaking to his hostages.

As you sit, his gun pointed at your chest, he says, “As long as you keep the rules, I won’t shoot.” This phrase is intended to hold you in that position, under the complete control…

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