Hillary Clinton: I.S.I.S Was Grown by Assad, Iran and Russia

The Ugly Truth


RUSSIA INSIDER – Hillary Clinton is one of the top contendants in the Pop Idols 2016 reality show that will decide the next nincompoop to be given the reigns of the deadly globe-spanning American empire.

Unfortunately for America’s nutty aunt being part of this contest means being asked mildly inconvenient questions that don’t begin to scratch the surface of her insane, brain-dead and blood-soaked exploits so far.

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Vinča is first civilization in World is located in Serbia!

The Balkans Chronicles

An unexpected furor was caused by the exhibition in New York, “The Lost World of Old Europe”, wrote the New York Times. Long before the flourishing of Greece and Rome, even earlier than the first cities in Mesopotamia and Egypt, at the downstream of Danube River lived a nation ahead of its time in trade, arts and craftsmanship.Many American specialized issues and daily newspapers point out that, during its efflorescence the “Old European” civilization had been one of the most advanced cultures in the world.In his book “The mysteries of the Danube Civilization” Harald Haarmann proves that the Balkans were inhabited by the civilization that developed the first written language. Haarmann calls this culture“Old European”.Vinča is first civilization in World is located in Serbia.And the town of Vinča itself was just one of several metropolises, with others at Divostin, Potporanj, Selevac, Pločnik and Predionica…Danube Valley Civilization ArtefactsFrom the 6th to the 3rd…

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The Blackwater / Craft special educated man killed two Finns in Turku with a knife

News For The Blind


In the center of Turku this afternoon was a bloody incident when an immigrant man began to rush with a big knife in the Turku Market.

She struck a woman with a sword-sized and looking knife-like chin on one of the children’s wagons. The woman died in the street.

There were seven other offenders, three of whom were still in the Department of Turku University Hospital.

But the people in the local market left behind a stacker and drove the stacker away from the market using, for example, Base balloons as a weapon that was rumored to be used (the so-called left unlawful ) attacker. But only after police suspect foot fire fire stopped the attacker.

The Woodwind is working for Craft as an Employer.

An unknown eyewitness saw a suspected US private ent. Blackwater / nyk. Craft tattooing and these tattoos can only be found in those specialty trained specialists in that…

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