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By Benny Johnson

The media and political class become more and more outraged over the Trump administration’s decision to detain and prosecute immigrants illegally crossing the border.

Lost in the debate is any acknowledgment that President Obama’s administration also used detention facilities.

Current U.S. immigration laws, when enforced, have the consequence of temporarily separating adults who arrive with children into separate detention facilities in order to prosecute the adults.

The policy of prosecuting immigrants for crossing the border illegally has been in place for multiple administrations. The Obama administration prosecuted half a million illegal immigrants and similarly separated families in the process. So did the Bush administration.

Personal accounts from immigration lawyers tell a tale of Obama being equally concerned about unaccompanied minors traveling to the border and wanting to create a deterrent.


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Two former Tory mayors found guilty of child-sex offences in just 48 hours

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Two former Tory mayors found guilty of child-sex offences in just 48 hours

Two former Tory mayors have been convicted of multiple child-sex offences in just 48 hours. One of them has been found guilty of raping a young girl, while the other admitted to over 20 counts of child abuse.

Former mayor of the Welsh county town of Pembroke, David Boswell, 57, was found guilty of rape and three other indecent assaults against two girls at Swansea Crown Court on Monday.

The jury heard that he raped a nine-year old and indecently assaulted another girl aged around 13 between 1990 and 1994.

Boswell, who is a still Pembrokeshire county councillor, was cleared of another three indecent assault allegations by two complainants.

He denied the allegations, which he described as “complete lies” and said they “made me feel sick.” He volunteered to take a lie detector…

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Katyn: The Massacre Stalin Tried To Blame On The Germans

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On April 13, 1943, The Third Reich announced the discovery of a series of mass graves of Polish officers who had been arrested and then executed by the Soviet Army.

Source: Katyn: The Massacre Stalin Tried To Blame On The Germans

Comment by Mothman777:

We can see from the video link below that the Russians really wanted to make their position clear to the Poles even as late as 2010, but as always, whilst officially denying any knowledge of involvement;


Looks like the Poles were played, and were just intended to get manipulated and destroyed to fulfil the Jewish Communist purpose all along.

And to think WWII was officially supposed to have been started to protect Poland, with Russia on the ‘Allied’ side, even when the Russians had invaded Poland themselves, then committed the Katyn Forest massacre atrocity, then took over Poland after WWII altogether, then wiped out the…

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What is happening in preparation for the Century’s Deal?


What is happening in preparation for the Century’s Deal?

Of course it could be all coincidental, after all, there is nothing left but coincidences within a reality of deterioration on all levels.
Are the Palestinian prospected leaders waiting for the moment after Abu Mazen’s death or the moment in preparation for the Trump’s Deal of the Century? The problem here is that the coinciding historical moments are not serving anyone but Israel and Trump. Whoever attempts to become the new president knows well that the price of oppressing people should not be the ticket to leadership. Combating in the rally of endorsing the Trump’s initiative, that is probably unknown to them as well, is a right bullet between the eyes. Whoever is trying to gain points for becoming the next number one in the messy rally of Palestinian authority is entering a dead zone.
What happened in the last few…

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Understanding Jewish Power

The Ugly Truth


BY PHIL GIRALDI – Jewish Power is a funny thing. If you read the Jewish media or the Israeli press, to include Forward, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Haaretz or the Jerusalem Post, you will find frequent references to it, nearly always seen as completely laudable. Bottom feeder Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard recently boasted that:

“Jews should not apologize for being so rich, controlling the media or influencing public debate…they have earned it…never apologize for using your strength…”

For many Jews like Dershowitz, Jewish power is something to be proud of, but they also believe that it should never be noticed or examined by non-Jews. Gentile criticism of Jewish collective behavior is something that must continue to be forbidden, just as the expression “Israeli Lobby” was largely taboo before Walt and Mearsheimer. Israeli partisans regularly engage in the defamation of individuals, including myself, who do not conform to the…

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