Video: Questioning any Jew = anti-Semitism

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

And it means you must believe in lizard people, while we’re packing that strawman tight.

I like the part where he rubs his hands.

Have you noticed that fidgeting is a trait in liars?

I keep trying to link these things but the sites involved won’t let me embed. Other people sure, but not me.


One Jew speaks for all, right? Totally logical, huh.

Is it really unbiased to conduct research apparently hostile to the motivations of your group? Especially since you’re hostile of their motivations before you even know them? Are you Jewish or not? He tries to claim Jew but not Jew, my fellow white but better? It’s confusing to watch.

I like it when they vaguely refer to sacrifice considering the amount of slaughter in the Talmud.
How about you quote from the Talmud about gentiles to prove how peaceful it is?

That’s what Muslims…

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