France begins censoring “alternate views”


France Starts Shutting Down Alternative Media

Every time there’s a huge terrorist threat, the public gives up their freedoms for protection from the Government. And every time, our leaders use these new laws to destroy civil liberties.

What happened to ordinary French people (and their way of life) after the recent Paris attacks? All the mainstream media are concerned with 10 days after the event is making sure that public support for the increased war effort is high. We need more footage of ambulances, their sirens blaring and lights flashing. Put it on loop, 24 hours a day, with sad images of people crying and laying wreaths, then throw in some fear in the form of some ugly-looking jihadists, and the population will be cheering on another foreign mission in no time at all.

While all that’s going on, the Government invariably rush through tougher new laws against terrorism. And if…

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'We won't allow the truth to set you free!'‘We won’t allow the truth to set you free!’

The Israeli coordination with Google and YouTube has very serious implications, and many journalists have spoken out in opposition, saying it is a direct assault on the Freedom of the Press.

Israel To Coordinate With Google, YouTube, To Censor Palestinian Videos Of Conflict

By Saed Bannoura

The Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, Member of Knesset Tzipi Hotovely, held meetings this week with representatives of YouTube and Google, to find ways of cooperating to censor Palestinian videos from occupied Palestine, videos she dubbed as “inciting violence and terrorism.”

Israeli daily Maariv said Hotovely will be working with Google and YouTube officials in a joint mechanism that will be in charge of “monitoring and preventing” any publication of materials deemed by Tel Aviv to be “inflammatory.”

Hotovely announced in a Hebrew-only press release that she met with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, and Google’s Director…

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Putin’s Options To End American World Dominance

Video Rebel's Blog

This American government (Bush-Cheney-Obama) is the most incompetent government that has ever walked the earth. Those people don’t have any sense at all. Just look at what they’ve done. In 14 years they’ve destroyed 7 countries, killed millions of people, and displaced millions of people. And where are those displaced people? They are overrunning Europe…  Does Putin need to do anything? We’re doing it all for him. So he doesn’t need to do anything. He’s not going to attack anybody. What does he need to attack anybody for? The idiot Americans are destroying themselves and their allies. This is an amazing fiasco.”

Paul Craig Roberts

Putin has made very limited responses to US provocations against Russia in both the Ukraine and Syria. He has issued limited sanctions against Turkey for the downing of the SU-24 and the killing of one pilot and one Marine in the rescue party.

On the…

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Australia’s asylum-seekers beg to be killed | Pushed-back boat barely made it to land



The above letter was written by detainees at the notorious Manus Island asylum-seekers detention centre, run by the Australian Government. It sums up the desperation of those there, that they prefer to die rather than live indefinitely in the centre. Their suffering is only matched by the detainees in a similar Australian gulag on Nauru. Clearly the detention cannot go on forever. Privately the Australian Government knows this and no doubt would love to find a way out without losing face and losing the votes of the conservatives in the electorate. Both the Liberal (conservatives) and Labor (conservatives) parties are trapped by their own rhetoric. The courageous thing to do would be to seek a bipartisan solution that would end offshore processing of asylum-seekers once and for all. But neither party would appear to have that courage.

(Note: the many, many signatures to the letter are given in the images…

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