Judaism: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

just about everything stated here is confirmed within the pages of a latin vulgate.

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Above: Stone image found on a 19th century public building in Toronto, Canada. It represents Moloch, also known as Remphan, Chium, Baal, and Saturn – the planetary name for Satan. The mark of Cain was the mark of Satan, a six-pointed star.

Randomly ask a hundred people what they think Judaism is, and at least ninety nine of them will tell you that it is the Jewish religion of the Old Testament upon which Christianity is based.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament. Judaism is the religion of the Pharisees and is based on the Babylonian Talmud. Jewdom admits this in its own writings. And Judaism remains by far the greatest danger in the world today, bar none.

At first, if we look at the term atheist, we see that Atheism is the belief that there is no Deity, with…

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FBI foils NY New Year’s Eve terror attack by IS supporter

Lutchman vows oath to Simon Elliot.

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US federal authorities said Thursday that a New York man has been arrested on charges of planning a New Year’s Eve attack at a bar, to prove to the Islamic State he was worthy to join it in Syria.

Prosecutors announced Thursday that 25-year-old Emanuel Lutchman has been charged with attempting to provide material support to terrorists. He was snared in an FBI sting, the prosecutors said.

A federal complaint says Lutchman is a self-professed convert to Islam, who claimed to receive direction from an overseas Islamic State member and planned to carry out an attack at a bar in the Rochester area on Thursday.

The FBI said Lutchman had an accomplice who was actually working for the agency. It said they bought knives and a machete for the attack.

According to the International Business Times, court documents claim that Lutchman had been in contact with an IS member…

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Abbas to Israel: ‘Get out of our lives and our land’

News For The Blind

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday evening urged Israel to “get out of our lives and our land.”

In an address at an event commemorating what was described as the 51st anniversary of the “Palestinian revolution,” Abbas berated the Israeli government and praised Palestinian steadfastness. (The PLO was founded in 1964, and its main Fatah faction declared a start to actions against Israel on December 31 that year.)

“Your government is deceiving you,” he said in remarks directed at Israelis at the event. “They don’t want peace for you, or for us. They are simply trying in any way possible to continue the occupation and the settlement of our land.”

Abbas also demanded the return of the bodies of Palestinians killed in attacks on Israelis in recent months. “We will not accept your continued holding of the bodies of our martyrs,” he said.

At least 25 Israelis have been…

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First kosher-certified pot to go on market next month

I always said until the mob controlled it that it would never see the light of day.

News For The Blind

NEW YORK (JTA) — A New York company is preparing to market what it says is the world’s first kosher-certified marijuana.

The Orthodox Union has certified Vireo Health of New York’s non-smokable medical marijuana products, Vireo announced in a news release Wednesday. Vireo is one of five medical marijuana providers selected to participate in a New York state medical marijuana program that goes into effect next month; none of the others will be certified kosher.

“Being certified kosher by the OU will not only help us serve the dietary needs of the largest Jewish community in the United States, but also combat unfortunate stigmas associated with medical cannabis,” Vireo CEO Ari Hoffnung said in a statement. “Today’s announcement sends an important message to New Yorkers of all faiths and backgrounds that using medical cannabis to alleviate pain and suffering does not in any way represent an embrace of ‘pot’ culture.”

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The Ugly Truth

Sabba – Not only Coptic Christians pray almost the same way Muslims pray (or vice versa), but all Christians of the Levant,  used to pray this way, following the example of Jesus himself (PBUH), Matthew 26:39.

The bowing, kneeling and prostrating are still full part of the Melkite, Chaldean and Assyrian liturgies. And, for those who might think that they pray this way only because of the Islamic influence (or perhaps even coercion), these Christian communities all make the claim that it was under their influence that the Muslims incorporated prostration into their prayer.

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Saudi Arabia’s Top Cleric Says Daesh Militants Are ‘Israeli Soldiers’


Saudi Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Sheikh urged increased Islamic cooperation against Daesh, claiming that the militant group was a “part of the Israeli army.”

The Mufti’s statements followed remarks attributed to secretive Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a 24-minute audio recording released last week. In the recording Al-Baghdadi called the new Saudi-led alliance a US ‘puppy’ and threatened to turn Israel into a “graveyard,” saying Daesh has “not forgotten Palestine for a single moment.”

During a telephone interview with the Saudi Gazette, Al Sheikh spoke in support of an Islamic anti-terrorism military alliance and vowed to defeat the Daesh extremists, claiming that the actions of the violent religious group are heretical and un-Islamic.

“They cannot be considered as followers of Islam,” he said. “Rather, they are an extension of Kharijites, who rose in revolt against the Islamic caliphate for the first time by labeling Muslims as infidels and permitting their bloodletting.”

As for al Baghdadi’s pledge to attack Israel, the 72-year old Al…

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