Judaism: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

just about everything stated here is confirmed within the pages of a latin vulgate.



The Ugly Truth

Sabba – Not only Coptic Christians pray almost the same way Muslims pray (or vice versa), but all Christians of the Levant,  used to pray this way, following the example of Jesus himself (PBUH), Matthew 26:39.

The bowing, kneeling and prostrating are still full part of the Melkite, Chaldean and Assyrian liturgies. And, for those who might think that they pray this way only because of the Islamic influence (or perhaps even coercion), these Christian communities all make the claim that it was under their influence that the Muslims incorporated prostration into their prayer.

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Saudi Arabia’s Top Cleric Says Daesh Militants Are ‘Israeli Soldiers’


Saudi Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Sheikh urged increased Islamic cooperation against Daesh, claiming that the militant group was a “part of the Israeli army.”

The Mufti’s statements followed remarks attributed to secretive Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a 24-minute audio recording released last week. In the recording Al-Baghdadi called the new Saudi-led alliance a US ‘puppy’ and threatened to turn Israel into a “graveyard,” saying Daesh has “not forgotten Palestine for a single moment.”

During a telephone interview with the Saudi Gazette, Al Sheikh spoke in support of an Islamic anti-terrorism military alliance and vowed to defeat the Daesh extremists, claiming that the actions of the violent religious group are heretical and un-Islamic.

“They cannot be considered as followers of Islam,” he said. “Rather, they are an extension of Kharijites, who rose in revolt against the Islamic caliphate for the first time by labeling Muslims as infidels and permitting their bloodletting.”

As for al Baghdadi’s pledge to attack Israel, the 72-year old Al…

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