The UN, after all, has had more than 60 years to give the Palestinians any semblance of justice, but to no avail. The reason behind this monumental moral failure is simple. The world order is not based on justice and morality. It is rather based on military might and political power.

Let’s not kid ourselves: The UNSC will not give us a state

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied East Jerusalem

It is really lamentable that the Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to manage the Palestinian Question disastrously.

The latest failed effort to get the UN Security Council (UNSC) to designate a time-ceiling for ending the decades-old Israeli occupation is an expression of the disastrous mismanagement of our just cause by the PA.

It simply shows that the PA neither learns from others’ mistakes nor from its own.

The UN, after all, has had more than 60 years to give the Palestinians…

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Palestinians sign request to join International Criminal Court

The Ugly Truth

Move might make PA eligible to lodge complaints of alleged war crimes against Israel; Netanyahu says Israel to take steps in response

ed note–the comic strip above is from Peanuts, where a recurring theme takes place where Lucy goads Charlie Brown into trying to kick the football as she holds it for him. Each time, right before he is about to kick it, she pulls it away and he falls flat on his back. And yet, later, Lucy is able to talk him into doing it all over again with promises that ‘this time it’ll be different’.

It is like this with the Palestinians and other Arab/Islamic countries who still crawl on the beilles to the Western powers in the (unfounded) hope that they will get a fair shake. The West is the one primarily responsible for the plight of the Palestinians and for loosing this mad dog known as…

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