Queen Sacrifice

The Ugly Truth


ed note–sadly, we are forced to deal on a regular basis with commentary from readers who use superficial evidence in ‘proving’ that someone is in the pocket of international Jewry and Zionism.

One such cadre of theorists have targetted Russian President Vladimir Putin in such a way, using as ‘proof’ the fact that he has been seen with rabbis & others in what appears to be an air of cordiality. Others who have made a religion (cult) of sorts out of White nationalism, Hitler rehabilitation and Holocaust denial and who use these lone criteria in deciding whether someone is friend or foe point to the recent legislation in Russia outlawing Holocaust denial as ‘proof’ that Putin is ‘their man’.

As we point out here often (unfortunately most of the time in vain, as certain individuals possessed of very limited vision refuse to increase the magnification on their lenses in getting a clearer picture of what…

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