Steven George and Jason Packer – Framed by Corrupt Police and Judicial System

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Steven George first came to my attention though his book which I blogged about Heartless and Heartless Too by Janella[7]

In that book, in 1998, many years before Savile died in 2012 and the issue of child sexual abuse became more widespread he named Jimmy Savile as a child abuser. He also told of his abuse by his MP adoptive father Bonner-Pink, and how Steven was illegally kept in institutions for 26 years.

He was one of the pioneering whistleblowers and to do that he had to type, printing and bind the first versions himself. He was a beacon and example to others to break the silence and tell their story, whatever effort it took to do so.

That spirit and determination has been needed of late.

Due no doubt to his experiences, Steven campaigned against sex pest MP Mike Hancock. Portsmouth 3 – MP Hancocks Heinous Habits Part 1

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Israel Shahak: Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia


By Jason Palmer


Anti-Semitism, as the late great Israel Shahak informed us, is a form of xenophobia, a fear of the alien or the outsider. That this xenophobia has oftentimes been a backlash against the self-segregation, chauvinism and sense of Jewish superiority permeating Jewish-Gentile social and economic relations is, needless to say, hardly remarked upon by court historians.

To note too that Jewish tribalism itself and the religious ideas attendant to it are both extreme examples of xenophobia, often of the preemptive variety, is not to invite discussion, but opprobrium upon one’s heretical head. Heat rather than light.

But the truth is simple. Jews are the most ancient and theocratic of all ethnic cleansers and the most violent xenophobes ever featured in religious lore. They are the only people in history to inscribe xenophobia into their very identity.

While masquerading as a monotheistic religion that most of the tribalists have…

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WATCH – Roma (Gypsy) Women Dressed As Muslims Begging In The Streets Of London

The Ugly Truth

ED-NOTE – This appears to be in London but the same is happening all over the UK and indeed, all over Western Europe – France, Germany, Italy, Spain, to name the few places where I had the displeasure of watching them in action  

It is a well known fact in Europe that the Roma-Gypsies are the most hated ethnic minority, second only to… yep, the Jews.

And the similarities between these 2 groups do not stop there. The Gypsies, like the Jews, consider themselves ‘chosen’, they are master thieves and deceivers, they consider the property of all non-Gypsies as… theirs and it is their duty to take it back, whatever the means. Hence their hatred for work – this is beneath them and why should they sweat when the non-Gypsies are here to serve them, or, in the words of Ovadia Yosef, the non-Gypsies “will work, they will plow, they…

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