Brian Clares Story and Operation Rose

cathy fox blog on child abuse

The story of child abuse in the North East has not come out properly yet.

Operation Rose was one of the biggest child sexual abuse operations yet it remains largely unknown, and childrens homes and  institutions which came under it have still not had the truth told in public. Indeed most of the childrens homes and institutions that were investigated are still unknown by the public.

“Operation Rose was launched in 1997 by Northumbria Police after complaints were made that care workers and teachers had abused children in the past.

The three-year investigation involving 40 detectives led to 32 people being charged with a total of 142 offences. In total, 260 residents and former residents of 61 children’s homes made 503 allegations against 197 care workers for alleged physical and sexual abuse.

Of the 32 that were charged, six were found guilty and jailed for a total of 25 years…

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