Palestinian UN bid is an ‘act of war,’ minister charges

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Yuval Steinitz says Israel may have to mull dismantling PA after draft statehood resolution submitted to Security Council

Ed note–Again, at the risk of over repeating myself, Gentiles need to understand what kind of fanatical religious ideas are being put into action here. Steinitz and other ‘good Jews’ take the words of the Torah literally, and especially those parts whereby the Jews are awarded all of the land between the Nile and the Euphrates rivers. Therefore, any discussion on any level, either on an individual basis something taking place on the international stage such as at the United Nations, whereby proposals are made that run counter to the teachings of the Torah viz a viz the ‘state of Israel’–i.e. The land between the Nile and the Euphrates–is considered blasphemous and those engaging in such are punishable by death.

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At sundown last night, Vice President Joe Biden lit the first candle of the National Chanukah Menorah in Washington.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden at the annual lighting of the National Hanukkah Menorah in Washington, December 16, 2014. Photo by Reuters

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden at the annual lighting of the National Hanukkah Menorah in Washington, December 16, 2014. Photo by Reuters

He was quoted as saying “The central Jewish notion of religious freedom, of safety in your land, of being treated with dignity in your own community, not only led to the creation of modern Israel but it also formed the bedrock of the United States of America,” Biden said. “Jewish values are such an essential part of who we are that it is fair to say that Jewish heritage is American heritage.”

BUT …..

What about this

year’s National


The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity Scene 
at Capital Hill this Christmas season. 

This isn’t for any religious reason. They simply have not been 

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Torah Tidbits and Amalek’s spiritual heirs

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OCDG: This is a “clarification” of another article… even when trying to whitewash and backpedal, they make an even bigger mess and reveal for all their true intentions:

Eisav’s hatred and Amalek’s are not purely genealogical. The actual nation of Amalek does not exist today. I was not making a claim that today’s Arabs are Amalek. I said that their hatred of Israel and the Jews is Amalek-like in character. I was not suggesting that we attack Arabs, as they attack us. I was urging caution and diligence to the situation we are in.

Read and re-read the quote above until it starts to sink in and makes sense. This is their “clever” way of trying to deny the obvious. The only logical conclusion is that they think all Arabs are amalek… even if they use weasel-words to obfuscate the issue. For if in their view, Arabs/Muslims are behaving in…

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