Communist Infiltration Of America Was Not A ‘Conspiracy Theory’

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Comment by Mothman777;

The parasite first infested Great Britain, then it’s Crown attack dog, the US, milking the wealth of the British and American Gentiles through Jewish-controlled usurious fractional reserve banking to fund the preparation of Jewish Marxist doctrine which then spread via Trotsky and Lenin, and over 270 Jewish agents in New York who then started the Bolshevik Jewish terrorist takeover of Russia in 1917 with 20 million dollars in gold bullion (after earlier unsuccessful attempts to start WWI and the Russian takeover in 1905 {both intended to occur together so that Jewish-led forces could sweep through Europe, and into America, my personal view} – read ‘Hidden History The Secret Origins of the First World War’ by Gerry Docherty and James MacGregor, and fill in the rest with additional research on statements by leading authorities and Jews at the time who declared that the Jews started WWI and…

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