“Conspiracy Theory” Psyop – Fake Insult from Fake Media

cathy fox blog on child abuse

People who use the term “conspiracy theory” generally seem to use it in a disparaging, perjorative way to diss, diminish or belittle or an opinion they want to disagree with. Its become the “go to” scapegoat phrase to use.

The names at the head of the articles, the bylines, may or may not really exist, or the people who actually write the article may well be just attracted to money, influence or power.

They may be just too lazy or ignorant to actually read up the facts or even too cowardly, too compromised or mind controlled to write an intellectual accurate summary of the truth.

They prefer propaganda, Operation MockingBird 101 .

It may be interesting for the people who use the term “conspiracy theory” to know that the term was a very successful “psyop” (psychological operation) or “con” or even a real “conspiracy” by the CIA to attack and…

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