The Jew vs. The Zionist

The Ugly Truth


Zionist is a fairly new concept, too new in fact to have allowed the Gentile DNA to get accustomed to and develop a self-defence mechanism against it.  ‘Zionist’ is an asepticized word, it has no substance, it carries no intrinsic value, it does not speak to our inner self. And precisely because it is too new, it does not trigger anything in us, it does not provoke any auto-immune reaction to it.

The word Jew however, speaks to our collective psyche. Our collective Gentile DNA recognizes it straight away: it has had to to deal with this dangerous foreign body for the past 5000 years and diagnose it as the cancer to society that it is.

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2 thoughts on “The Jew vs. The Zionist

  1. It is enough to explain to the people that zionism is synonymous to nazi-fascism. Nazi-fascism is based on the jewish ideology of racial hatred against others, exactly as Zionism.

    • I agree with you. They used the same tactics against them. Is it possible that this is the only defense against Judaic supremist ideology? I do not know. They certainly do not like it though and that is obvious. I am not a supporter of such racist in nature thought regardless of who it is that is practicing it . I do know one thing for sure; judaism has the world divided into two categories being gentile and jew and perceives itself superior. This IS the ideology since inception. I see much of the behavior projected onto the gentile people while trying to hide this is what they believe. It appears to me that it began with judaic ideology and what should the response be to this racist mentality? I say expose it for what it is which of course makes me an anti semite(??????) in their view. Thanks for comment. Peace to you brother. jeff

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