87-Year-Old Grandma Sentenced to Prison For Saying Auschwitz was Just a Labor Camp


pennine: This sentencing of an elderly lady to imprisonment for airing a viewpoint is overly severe, in fact disgraceful!!!  Even though i may disagree with someone else, unless they are harassing me,  it’s no reason to have them locked up and turned  into a  pariah.

                          The amount of really callous and disgusting stuff that can be said and demonstrated against someone like President Trump which does equate  to real  sheer  hate-expressions, even incitement to murder, rather than based upon  a healthy discussion pointing out facts, without fear of any  penalty, shows how selective this whole matter is.

                                 Not everybody would agree with this lady & I’m sure there will be plenty of people (i.e. those who had relatives/acquaintances  who knew about or had actually  been through the  Auschwitz experience or of other similar camps)who could challenge such assertions .

                    I wish there was more healthy& open…

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