The Origins of Freemasonry

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The Origins of Freemasonry

A Lecture given on 25 August 2000, at the

5th International Conference of Great Priories


The Albert Halls, Stirling, Scotland


Dr Robert Lomas


University of Bradford


The Origins of Freemasonry

Where Freemasonry Started

Freemasonry, in the form we would recognise today, started at the building of Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh.

Rosslyn Chapel, before the present external roof was put in place

How do I know this?

There are three important pieces of evidence which support this statement.

  1. Rosslyn links the Jewish Temple through the Knights Templar to Freemasonry.

  2. The ground plan of Rosslyn is a copy of Herod’s Temple and above ground it replicates the Herodian Architecture of Jerusalem.

  3. Rosslyn contains the oldest document showing a modern First Degree Ceremony being conducted by a Knight Templar.

The Ground Plan

The layout of Rosslyn, which was started in 1440, is an exact…

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