A Visit From The Thought Police


 pennine:I haven’t as yet seen nor read the content of the Facebook page
that warranted the owner a visit from the thought-police. You would
think wouldn’t you, that with all the horrific knife -& acid crimes
running amok, the terrorists, the child-abusing gangs, and so many
vehicles speeding through built up areas,
that Plod would be kept too busy on these more important matters than
to be spending their time policing social media in attempt to stymie
people ‘s freedom of speech or to speak truth.

As i write this there has been yet another child -sex grooming gang
unearthed, the culprits arrested & now sentenced, this time in
Newcastle -Upon-Tyne. Yet none dare mention its name. (of the
predominant religion & culture of the main perpetrators of this
racist pedo mass child abuse, deliberately targeting our kids & people whom they consider inferior. ) However did we…

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