The Sins of High Finance

News For The Blind

This excerpt is translated from the rare 1927 German original “Die Sünden der Großfinanz” by Theodor Fritsch. Fritsch was one of the most famous anti-Jewish authors of that era.

Our generation faces all kinds of puzzles. While our intellect can brag of amazing progress in science and technology, while the outer facet of life strives toward ever new perfection, we perceive on the other hand depressing manifestations that put the future of the whole of mankind into question. Aside from the unmistakable bodily deformation of the civilized nations, which expresses itself in decrease of births, weakening of physical and mental constitution, increase of sickness and frailty, a frightening moral decline moves along. The increase of crime creates a total insecurity of life; feeling of duty and conscience are hardly still known; the social sense that commands the human being to feel himself as member of a large community –…

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