NEO-CONNED: ‘Satan’s Resurrection’, The Rothschild / Neo-Con take over of the United States – By Jack Speer-Williams


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“..Tthe Rothschilds, an incestuous family that has a discreditable and lengthy history of profiting from some of mankind’s most hideous crimes against nature and all forms of life…Since the full Rothschild/NeoCon take over of the United States, the American government has in all likelihood become as criminal as was the old Soviet Union”:

Satan’s Resurrection – By Jack Speer-Williams

The International Banksters, also known unofficially as the Monetary Matrix of the Constabulary, is led by the Rothschild banking tribe, who are venturing to put a happy face on a Satanically resurrected cold war (nuclear war) with Russia.Rothschild psychopaths command the US and European NeoCons (the so-called Neoconservatives).

NeoCons are Rothschild minions who are little more than outdated, superannuated but reanimated Bolsheviks, who first took over and then destroyed Czarist Russia.

Today, the NeoCons (Bolsheviks) are again trying to destroy Russia, not from governmental positions within…

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