Matthew Andrew Carter aka William Charles Harcourt, Serial Child Rapist

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Matthew Andrew Carter aka “William Charles Harcourt”, “William Harcourt” and “Bill Carter”

As William Harcourt, he was mentioned in this court appeal Roger Laing 2015 Oct 2 Court of Appeal [2] He was accused of child sexual abuse whilst in charge of Reynolds House Childrens Home, Bromley, London.

There was too much information about him to put in the the Laing appeal post, so I have put it into this separate post.

He was finally jailed in 2013 in Florida for committing child abuse in Haiti. The abuse was committed at a Haiti childrens help centre, Morning Star Center which Carter helped run from 1995-2011. It provided shelter, food, clothing, and school tuition to Haitian children. Four survivors of abuse from Reynolds House, London also gave evidence.

Haiti is a hotbed of child trafficking [6] [7], sexual abuse and organ harvesting [8] associated with the Clinton criminal network and…

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