Human Sacrifice & Cannibalism (Origins): Cain & Kronos The Horned One


Kronos: The Horned One

… and everyone knows that the classical story of Kronos was just this, that “he devoured his sons as soon as they were born.”  Such is the analogy between type and antitype.  This legend has a further and deeper meaning; but, as applied to Nimrod, or “the Horned One,” it just refers to the fact, that, as the representative of Moloch or Baal, infants were the most acceptable offerings at his altar.  We have ample and melancholy evidence on this subject from the records of antiquity. “The Phoenicians” says Eusebius, “every year sacrificed their beloved children to Kronos or Saturn, and the Rhodians also often did the same.” Diodorus Siculus states that the Carthaginians, on one occasion when besieged by the Sicilians, and sore pressed, in order to rectify, as they supposed, their error in having somewhat departed from the ancient custom of Carthage in this respect, hastily…

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