Jewish scientist gave Israel stolen US technology before Six Day War – report

The Ugly Truth

Mossad said to have listened in on secret Egyptian transmissions using radioactive batteries supplied by Zalman Shapiro of NUMEC

ed note–If the names Zalman Shapiro and NUMEC sound familiar, they should. Shapiro was the one who stole US nuclear material and had it shipped to Israel so that she could develop her nukes to be used as instruments of blackmail against the entire world.

What it also reveals is that there is substantive, substantial and justifiable reason for Gentiles to not trust Jews in places of sensitivity, and especially anything related to the well being of a nation. Even mean old Pharaoh in the book of Exodus remarked on this fact, to wit–

‘And Pharaoh said to the people of Egypt ‘Behold, the Israelites have become to powerful…Come, let us deal carefully with them, or else they will multiply and in the event of war, they will join themselves to…

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