Africans Rise Up In Their Thousands Against Bill Gates

News For The Blind

(Neon Nettle) Africans Rise Up In Their Thousands Against Bill Gates :

Africans are now rising up against billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates and insisting closure of schools funded by him. The billionaire has been ignoring the laws of the land and putting thousands of children’s lives at risk.

YNW reports: Uganda’s high court investigated the for-profit schools and immediately ordered them to close down.

The schools were described as “unsanitary and unqualified” in court documents, and have been ordered to close their doors in December because they failed national standards.

South Koreans are rising up in their millions and demanding the overthrow of a covert shadow government running their country.
Millions of South Koreans Rise Up Against Shadow Government

BThe Director of Education Standards for the Ministry, Huzaifa Mutazindwa, said that the nursery and primary schools were not licensed, the teachers weren’t qualified, and there was no record of…

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