TUT Broadcast May 14, 2017

The Ugly Truth

Tonight’s program–

Donald Trump, whose presidency was opposed from day one by Judea Inc, is headed to the Middle East to begin the process of reining in the mad dog Jewish state before the entire world goes up in flames, and along with it, Pax Americana. After meeting with Palestinian President Abbas at the White House and announcing American support for a sovereign Palestinian state, he then adds to his itinerary a speech at Masada, the last stronghold of Judaic rebellion against Rome that ended in mass suicide in 73 AD.

If indeed Trump moves forward with his apparent plans, expect the worst from Judea, Inc, who is not about to be deprived of the victory-in-vendetta she has meticulously planned out now for the last 2,000 years.

ALSO, a special guest appearance by the one and only Mike Piper, whose warnings to ‘the movement’ years ago about infiltrators, diversion and…

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