Bennett: We must tell Trump Palestinian state ‘ain’t going to happen’

The Ugly Truth

Ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit to Israel next week, Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett says Israel must make clear that a Palestinian state “ain’t going to happen.”

ed note–the question that must be asked is thus–Since Israel constantly argues that she MUST retain the lands she stole in ’67 for ‘security reasons’, if the US offers Israel some sort of iron-clad security agreement whereby US military resources are utilized in preventing any type of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, why on God’s green earth should Israel oppose this? If indeed, the Jewish state is all about ‘peace, peace, peace’, there can be no better recipe for such than what Trump appears to be about to offer.

The answer to that of course is self-explanatory–

1. Israel isn’t concerned with peace, she needs war and conflict, as it is the glue that holds together her highly dysfunctional society…

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