Comey Admits New Clinton Abedin Weiner Felony Evidence On His Laptop – Still Nothing Done

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By Rick Wells

Senator Dianne Feinstein asked FBI Director Comey during Senate Testimony on Wednesday, “Why was it necessary to announce, 11 days before a presidential election, that you were opening an investigation on a new computer without any knowledge of what was in that computer”

Hold on there, Feinstein. That wasn’t a new investigation, it was the reopening of the previous investigation based upon new evidence, which was contained on that new computer. You’re saying that you would have preferred they’d have reopened it based upon the same evidence? From a Democrat whining and manipulating perspective that probably is the case. As Comey’s about to tell you, you’re assertion that there was nothing on it is about as substantive as your allegations that the Russians hacked the election.

Feinstein would have much preferred that her dear friend, the espionage criminal and pilferer be allowed to steal the White House with…

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