One killed in University of Texas stabbing spree by follower of messianic Judaism

The Ugly Truth

ed note–Just as Jesus Christ warned, ‘no man can serve 2 masters, as he will either love the one and hate the other or hate the one and love the other’, this is the inevitable result of ‘Christians’ trying to mix Judaism with Christianity, which are mutually exclusive spiritual forces. The peace and compassion of Jesus’ teachings simply cannot coexist alongside the murderous, jihadist teachings of the Old Testament (Torah) ‘prophets’ and patriarchs. Obviously this young man is mentally ill, but then again to some degree so are all of those who try and co-mingle the old and new testaments, including those calling themselves Christian Identity and the other forms of Judeo-Protestantism that maintain a magnetic pull towards Judaism and its violent, racist, genocidal precepts.

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