Does The State of Israel Have the guts to do what must be done?

The Ugly Truth

ed note–please read this very carefully, because contained within it is the monster in the room that the ‘smarter’ elements within Judea, Inc are desperately trying to keep hidden these days–that Judaism is a brutal, barbaric, backwards mentality, always was, always will be, and is completely incompatible with western Gentile political/cultural institutions and thinking. All of this talk of the Jewish state being a ‘democracy’ is a ruse intended to garner western support in the form of money, military action and political protection in western institutions such as the UN, and all can be assured that as soon as the last blood has been sucked out of the Western Gentile nations helping to build the Jewish state to its biblically-mandated size and power, all of this talk of it being a ‘democracy’ will indeed be stopped dead in its tracks.

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