The Dershowitz question

The Ugly Truth

ed note–Prime efface evidence as to why it is a complete waste of time to try and have a reasonable, rational conversation with those of the self-chosenite variety, as they are not interested in arriving at the truth, but rather only in achieving their agenda and even when they must lie through their teeth to do so. 

The essay is in and of itself a living, breathing ratification/validation of everything that has been alleged by them since the time of Pharaoh in that they collude and conspire with each other against the interests of any Gentile host society. If there were a speaking engagement scheduled and the speaker in question were the most rabid pro-zionist Jew and a campaign to shut down that venue and prevent that individual from spouting his/her Hebraic black magic, why we would all be inundated–including by the likes of this author–with screeching Op-eds warning of the…

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