Revealing the secrets of one of Australia’s worst online trolls

The Ugly Truth

ed note–as we warned on many occasions, the entire Andrew Anglin/Daily Stormer outfit was /is something being remote-controlled by Judea, Inc from within, whether Anglin and his ‘peeps’ were/are aware of it or not. The amount of coverage it has garnered–particularly in the run-up to Trump’s election–was an almost mirrored reflection of the sudden ‘interest’ that the JMSM gave to the ‘Militia Movement’ in the mid-90’s right before the Federal Building in Oklahoma City was blown up. Anglin and his people were given the coverage they did in order to make all anti-Judaic/anti-Zionist activism appear violent and unhinged, now–surprise, surprise–it is revealed that one of the more prominent individuals writing for the site is a Jew who was brought into ‘duh gang’ by another Jew by the name Goldberg (after their meeting up on Stormfront) who was arrested on charges related to terrorism. 

If any further proof need be produced…

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