AP Top News AP Interview: Iran’s Ahmadinejad sees no threat from US

The Ugly Truth

‘The decision to attack Syria was made by people behind the scenes in the U.S.’ he said, strongly implying that the U.S. presidency is decided behind closed doors, and dismissed the Trump administration’s aggressive talk toward Tehran as ‘mere political posturing’.

ed note–Trump ‘not a threat to Iran? Doesn’t really want to go to war for the Jews and that all this bluster is just ‘political posturing’? Gee, seems like maybe the former President might be reading the commentary that appears on this website on a daily basis.

But no, the more likely and rational explanation for this is what comes from various ‘experts’ in this ‘muuvemnt’ who will maintain that he is either just a fool or else a secret zionist agent who is ‘owned by the Jews’, like Trump.

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