Senator John Tower investigating CIA gun-running was involved in Iran-Contra cover-up & his brother-in-law was a CIA gun-runner


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John Tower’s FBI file reveals role in Iran-Contra cover-up

In hearings, Senator Tower neglected to disclose family ties to CIA gun-running operation at the heart of the scandal

Written by Michael Best
Edited by JPat Brown

A version of this article appeared on Glomar Disclosure

While a recently released copy of John Tower’s FBI file dealt mostly with the background check performed by the FBI, it also includes several important revelations concerning the Senator. While most reviews of his nomination process and the scrutiny that he received focused on allegations of heavy drinking and womanizing …

it also dealt with the long under-examined allegations that the Tower Commission, officially known as the President’s Special Review Board, was part of a whitewash for the Iran-Contra affair – which, it turns out, Senator Tower had personal connections to, along with a pivotal role in the 1980 “October Surprise”. In fact…

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