In first, poll finds most Americans (Idiots) worried about violence against Jews

News For The Blind

WASHINGTON — For the first time in at least half a century, a majority of Americans are worried about violence toward Jews and other ethnic and religious minorities, according to a poll released by the Anti-Defamation League Thursday.

The latest data, based on 3,600 interviews from January and February 2017, and another 1,500 in October 2016, show 52 percent of Americans saying they are “concerned about violence in the US directed at Jews.”

The response marks the first time since the anti-hate group began tracking US attitudes toward Jews 53 years ago that the number has climbed above 50%.

An even higher portion is worried about the American Muslim community; 76% of respondents said they were “concerned about violence directed at Muslims.”

Both groups have been the targets of a growing number of hate crimes over the past several months.

Since January, nearly 150 bomb threats have hit Jewish community…

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