Father of JCC Bomb Hoax Suspect to U.S. Jewry: ‘We Apologize From the Bottom of Our Hearts’

The Ugly Truth

In a TV interview, the father did not contest that his son had made the threats, but denied knowing anything about them before the teen’s arrest; ‘I was in total shock.’

ed note–3 things worth noting–

1. He’s sorry, for sure, but not in the sense that most assume. His grief, his remorse, his regret, etc, is not due to what his son DID, but rather for the fact that he got CAUGHT, and now, as a result, a dark cloud hangs over Judea, Inc–past, present, and future–and more importantly, that the one mechanism it has used for thousands of years in furthering its aims–false flag terrorism–has been taken away., because now the ‘crazies’ who have been warning the world about the methods that Jews use aren’t as crazy now that this terrorist wannabe has been caught by the FBI.

2. Notice to whom the father of the terrorist apologizes–to…

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