FBI re-releases 9/11 photos of Pentagon

The Ugly Truth

ed note–it may be exactly as the story alleges–that the photos ‘went missing’ from the FBI website because of a ‘technical glitch’.

Or, the ‘technical glitch’ that caused them to disappear in the first place was someone deliberately removing them because of something ‘problematic’ contained within them, such as no video evidence of anything that one would expect to see in the aftermath of an airliner crashing into a building, such as plane debris, bodies, suitcases, etc, such as appears in pics below of other airliners that went down–

Image result for debris after a plane crash

Image result for debris after a plane crash

All of which of course begs the question–why now, at a time when Trump and his people find themselves involved in a nasty gang war with the intelligence services of the US, and a mere week AFTER the same agency–the FBI–sent 12 agents to Israel UNDER DIRECT ORDERS FROM TRUMP to arrest the wannabe terrorist phoning in all the bomb hoaxes which…

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