How They Do It–The West’s refusal to recognize the religious basis for the Israeli Palestinian conflict

The Ugly Truth

A future Palestinian state will have Islam as the dominant aspect of its governing system, despite Western wishful thinking to the contrary.

ed note–Islam has been around for 1400 years, and given the numbers and political dominance it has enjoyed in the Middle East, if DEM MOOZLUMS wanted the Jews eradicated, it could have been easily achieved.

And so, once again, we have YET ANOTHER example of Judaic reality-bending in order to create the appearance of a narrative that in fact does not exist. There was no ‘clash of civilizations’ prior to the establishment of the Jewish state and with it, all the violence and barbarity that must accompany it wherever it goes, just as it always has.

Furthermore, the author’s use of the following statement–

‘America for decades has refused to recognize the obvious: in the Muslim and Arab world decisions are not based on Western democratic standards.’


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