Thousands of Witches Cast Spells to Oust Trump. And They Say It’s Working

The Ugly Truth

Weird sisters and brothers in the Magic Resistance don’t want to harm the president, just prevent him from harming others. Witches want health care, too.

ed note–lest we forget, the conjuring up of anti-Trump Judaic witchcraft was first openly discussed here, to wit–

‘Like some modern day witch performing a ritualistic blood sacrifice or a voodoo priestess sticking pins into a doll, the fact that Mz. Levy painted the picture with her own blood hints at something more than just the desire to be artistically avant garde. She collected the blood in a vessel similar in shape to the same Mizrak used by her Levitical forefathers of centuries past when performing the ritual slaughter of animals as methodically laid out in the Jewish Torah. The white, rectangular-shaped canvas upon which she splattered her own menstrual blood via paintbrush became an ‘artistic’ representation of the same altar of sacrifice upon…

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