Dershowitz says Trump ‘clearly’ endorsed Palestinian state

The Ugly Truth

After meeting earlier this month, Jewish lawyer says US president ‘anxious to make a deal,’ is surprisingly knowledgeable about complexities of conflict

ed note–no, this is not an ‘act’ or a ruse. As we say here often, even the most dirty, low down prostitute–and clearly this is the role that the US has played when it comes to Israel and organized Zionist interests in general–has a limit as to how far she is willing to go in pleasing her client, and no matter how much money she is given and no matter what threats are leveled at her, the one thing she won’t do is to put a loaded gun in her mouth and pull the trigger.

This is where the United States is right new. She has given Israel everything that has been demanded of her, but now, the saner elements operating within the US power elite realize that…

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