TRUMP Gets BAD NEWS – Supreme Court Makes Move to INVALIDATE 2016 Presidential Elections


pennine:How the hell can a legal democratically  elected Government be taken to court and charged on so flimsy an accusation? These conspiracy-theorists who keep harping on about how ‘Russia was responsible for the outcome of the 2016 USA election’ perhaps can enlightened us all as to how this was done?

                     Were the Russians beaming into everyone’s minds with electro-magnetic force -fields  the command  “Vote Trump”?  Did the Russian send to America a regiment of under cover soldiers to  grab Trump supporters by the hand with one hand & frog-marched them off to the voting booths with a gun to their heads  with  their other hand, until they saw the cross go into the appropriate box? I know the American Haarp & its allies mess about with such things with the magnetics & try for mind-control in various forms.  But to say the Russians were to blame for President…

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