Collapsing: Why the ‘Russia Hack’ Witch Hunt Will Not End Well for Congress, or America


‘Washington’s Russian witch hunt is now collapsing before our eyes.

As host Patrick Henningsen revealed last Wednesday on ACR Radio, the supposedly damning information submitted by the FBI’s private ‘cyber security’ contractor Crowdstrike, of the which the entire ‘Russian Hack’ conspiracy theory hinges on – is fraudulent.

Here is a link to their primary invented piece of ‘evidence’ included in the US Intelligence Assessment.

This means that we were correct back on Nov 1st when we said the Russian Hack story was a hoax designed distract from the explosive contents on the DNC and Podesta email leaks, and also to bolster a failing Hillary Clinton campaign by discrediting Donald Trump as being somehow in league with the evil Russians.

If they keep pressing this story, it will only hurt the credibility of a Democratic Party that still refuses to admit the abject failures and corruption within of their political organization.’

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