Why is Trump so obsessed with Israeli-Palestinian peace?

The Ugly Truth

The US president doesn’t really care about the Mideast conflict, he just needs a foreign policy achievement. He wants a grandiose deal and is approaching the issue with no sentiments whatsoever. Failure means a bleeding wound to his ego, and he won’t let that happen.

ed note–please imagine yourself a bug on the wall in the room where this was being written, or, better yet, imagine being able to crawl inside the author’s thought processes that were/are the ‘inspiration’ or this essay.

As is (or at least should be) patently obvious, the Jews are terrified that Trump WILL succeed in doing what none of his predecessors were able to achieve, an end to the conflict between Djooz and the Palestinians, which he expressed clearly, to wit–

‘Trump is looking at the map of the Middle East through the eyes of a real estate mogul…He will parcellate the West Bank, measure…

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