Glasgow Herald 10 Oct 1989 Fifteen charged after Operation Spanner

cathy fox blog on child abuse

My interest in publishing these, is not the case per se but in what the police were doing investigating it in the first place, any child sexual abuse claimed on the outskirts of the case and the legal judgement about consent not being a defence.

Index of Newspaper and Journal articles on this blog [1]

Index of Court Appeals on this blog [2]

1989 Oct 19 Glasgow Herald 15 charged after Operation Spanner[7]

FIFTEEN men, including a United Nations lawyer and a lay preacher,

appeared before magistrates yesterday on charges arising from a two-year

investigation by Scotland Yard’s Obscene Publications Squad.

They were arrested last month after an investigation called Operation

Spanner which also involved 11 provincial forces.

The men, appearing before Camberwell magistrates in south-east London,

faced a total of more than 100 charges including assault on

co-defendants, drug charges and obscene publication offences.

Eight of the accused…

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