Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 3 by Sue Arrigo MD

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Cry, my beloved country, for what has been done to you in the name of national security.

Cry, for the innocent children who were tortured and forced into crimes against their will and their sanity.

Cry for the children stolen off the street and sold as sex slaves and human sacrifices.

Have men no souls anymore that they rape, torture and corrupt the children that instead they are sworn to protect?”

Sue Arrigo

CIA, it is you that rapes, tortures and corrupts the children that you are sworn to protect, in the false name of national security.

The CIA are sick.  The people that control the CIA are sick.

People are waking up.  It is time to heal.

  • the CIA does not serve you
  • the CIA does not serve the people
  • the CIA does not serve America
  • the CIA serve themselves
  • the CIA serve the criminal cabal
  • the…

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