George Webb Summary of Video Links and Notes c.18 March 2017 / Day 134

cathy fox blog on child abuse

George Webb is one of the most significant figures today in child sex abuse research and publication.

He puts the organised child sexual abuse into context and shows why and how it is happening.

Child sexual abuse is just one of the components in a scheme of horrific crimes perpetrated by the criminal cabal who are in power. These crimes include human trafficking, sex trafficking, rape, causing unrest and war, weapons sales, organ harvesting, drug running, oil sales, money laundering and spying.

Child sexual abuse is one means of blackmailing whoever the criminal cabal want, to do whatever they want. The children are used as objects to achieve an end.

A good place to start as a beginner is this video from a month ago, which  gives a good summary.

[unsure why this video’s links are not embedding, as they are on draft. Press on number link to open…

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