Israeli man goes to synagogue for Purim, reads Megilla on the story of Esther, gets drunk as Purim protocols instruct and then starts attacking people

The Ugly Truth

ed note–a microcosm of how Judaism in all its forms operates. Its adherents inject it into their systems like a mind-altering narcotic and then lose their sense of reason while under its intoxicating influence. And whether it is one lone nut who loses his mind after reading the story of  Esther at Purim or whether it is the entire Jewish state celebrating the slaughter of Gentiles in Gaza, Iraq, Syria, or wherever, the difference between them is only in scale.

Jtosis–the mental disorder that inevitably arises out of prolonged exposure to Judaism–needs to be understood and diagnosed as the malignancy that it is and Judaism needs to be condemned as the threat to peace and prosperity that it is and taken down from the mantle as one of the world’s ‘great religions’. Everywhere it has gone throughout human history the reaction and results have been the same, whether it has…

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