Cities full to bursting: From $600-a-month ‘coffin apartments’ in Hong Kong to one-room-families in LA, the tiniest living spaces in the world revealed


Coffin apartments in Hong Kong and one-room-families in LA

The world isn’t getting any bigger, but it’s population certainly is. And for many of its most condensed cities, its the poorest who must bear the brunt of a worsening battle for space. Pictured, clockwise from top left, a Hong Kong resident who lives in a ‘cage home’ and pays around the equivalent of $200 per month in rent for it; a woman and her son live in a 60-sq-ft ‘coffin’ apartment for around $600 per month; in South Korea, 73-year-old divorcee Kong Kyung-soon makes do with little more than six square feet in Seocho-gu, adjacent to the wealthy Gangnam suburb in Seoul; and In 2011, Tracy Burger, his wife Elizabeth and their son, were forced to move into the cramped one-room garage attached to the house of Elizabeth’s mother after losing their jobs during the 2009 financial crisis.


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