Trump’s fired national security adviser Michael Flynn admits Turkish-linked firm paid him $530,000 to lobby before the election


FLYNN TURKEY 33333333333

  • The former lieutenant general has revealed that he lobbied on behalf of Turkey
  • On Tuesday, Flynn filed papers with the Justice Dept., stating he was paid $530,000 to act as a foreign agent before Election Day  
  • The amended paperwork was allegedly in response to work Flynn’s consultancy form did for a Dutch company owned by Turkish businessman Ekim Alptekin
  • Alptekin said he doesn’t think the registration was necessary, since he doesn’t work for the Turkish government 
  • However, the businessman is a member of the Turkish economic relations board,  run by an appointee of Turkish President Erdogan
  • Flynn’s firm is also said to have tried to pressure a representative of the House Homeland Security Committee 
  • He wanted an investigation into the American-based cleric accused of organizing a failed coup against Erdogan

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